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There is only one Church in the world and every Christian is a member. A formal traditional local Church meeting can meet the needs of some Christians. Others however prefer a gathering more like the early first century Church where believers assembled in homes. Some attend both.

 Christ’s Home Fellowship is what we call a house Church. We focus is on our relationship with God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is a place where we can come as we are, not only about clothing but with all our strengths and weaknesses. Because we don’t possess land or  building we aren’t troubled by all the problems associated with them. This frees us up to concentrate on God’s people, whose needs we think are more important.

Our weekly gathering is interactive and personal, like a family get together. There is no preacher, pews, or pretense. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the discussion.

We are located in between the towns of Garner and Clayton near the City of Raleigh, North Carolina.

The second, third, forth, and fifth Saturday evening at 6pm we meet for dinner, then enjoy a time of prayer and Bible study. Sometimes our study is pre-planned, sometimes it is spontaneous.

When things are simple we can accomplish much!

We will not meet for several weeks. When we meet again we plan to continue our study in Acts by looking at Acts 18:1-17. Notes are on the Bible study preview page.

We don’t meet on the first Saturday of each month. Please visit us the rest of the Saturdays at 6pm for an evening of fellowship, a good meal and great Bible study.

Click on the Directions Tab for a map and directions to find us or call Paul on our Contact Us Page!


Christ’s Home Fellowship 

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