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2 Peter 2:10-22

2 Peter Study Chapter 2 v. 10-22

Monday, October 8th, 2012

2 Peter Study Chapter 2 v. 10-22

Completing the Portrait Started in Verse 1

  • False      prophets and teachers are…
    • Practitioners       of worldly ways. v.10
    • Despisers       of authority.
    • Daring,       arrogant, defiant.
    • Self-willed       – obstinate, determined to do evil.
    • Unafraid       to speak against demons.
      • They        believe they are more powerful.
      • Full        of themselves. (prideful)
      • Even        godly angels know better. v.11
        • Michael the Archangel had Jesus rebuke Satan. Jud. 9
    • Like       out of control animals. (Rabid, dangerous predators). v.12
      • Should        be captured and killed.
      • Creatures        of instinct.
    • To       speak out against what they have no knowledge of.
    • To       suffer wrong because of their wrong. v.13
  • Additional      characteristics.
    • They       do not wait for nighttime to commit sin. v.13
    • They       are proud of their deceptions.
    • They       still wish to fellowship with the godly.
    • They       look on women as objects of adultery. v.14
      • Deny        God’s law.
    • They       do not cease from sin.
    • They       are trained in greed.
    • They       have forsaken salvation and the ways of God. v.15
    • They       have followed the ways of Balaam. v.15 Num.       22-25, 31:16
      • OT        false prophet.
        • Desired         the wealth to be gained from sinful deeds.
      • Lead        Israel        astray in Moab        by his advice.
        • Sexual         sin with the Moabite women.
        • The         worship of false gods.
      • Was        rebuked by a donkey. v.16
    • They       are worthless as a dry spring and a false promise of rain. v.17
    • They       have a reservation prepared for them in hell.
      • In        contrast to the believer. Jn.        14:2-3
    • They       are speakers of vain, arrogant words. v.18
    • They       tempt people with worldly desires.
      • Health,        wealth, and prosperity again.
      • The        joy of “stuff” (material things).
    • They       turn away those close to the truth.
    • They       promise freedom. v.19
      • But        they are themselves enslaved.

The Sad Truth about False Prophets and Teachers

  • These      men once knew the truth. v.20
    • At       one time in their lives they sought Jesus and His teaching.
  • Ultimately      they rejected the truth.
  • They      should have continued on the road to salvation. v.21
    • Instead       of eternal life they will receive eternal punishment.
  • They      have gone in v.22 as Pr. 26:11 says:
    • Like       a dog that returns to its vomit is a fool who repeats his folly.
  • Peter      also adds his own similar proverb. v.22

2 Peter Study Chapter 2 v. 10-22 Questions

1. Do false teachers fear God?

2. Why is it unwise to rebuke Satan or his demons alone?

3. Why does Peter write that false teachers do not wait for night to commit sin?

4. What did Balaam do to be called a false prophet?

5. Why do you think God rebuked Balaam through his donkey?

6. How does a person become enslaved by the freedom a false teacher offers?

7. Did a false teacher ever accept Jesus as their Savior?

8. How severe is God’s punishment toward those who corrupt His Word?

9. What do the two proverbs at the end of the chapter reveal?

10. After all these words why is it critical that we all can recognize false teachers?

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