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Acts 13:42-52
Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Acts 13: 42-52

Paul and Barnabas preached in the synagogue. Some Jews did not

receive the message well. Some Jews and many gentiles embraced

the teaching and were saved. The next week nearly everyone in

the city came to hear the preaching. The gentiles received the Word

gladly and many were saved. The Jews stirred up the big shots in

town and ran Paul and Barnabas out.


V42,43    *Did the Jews not respond? Did some get up and out early?

.                *What was the response of the gentiles who were there?

.                *Were these gentiles of the Jewish faith?

V44          *What must have gone on during that week?

V45          *Is this sounding more like the Jews in Jerusalem?

V46          *Why was it necessary to preach to the Jews first?

.                *How did they judge themselves unworthy?

.                *Did they consider themselves unworthy?

.                *When we witness do people consider themselves unworthy?

V46,47    *Is there a pattern here – Jews rejecting the gospel then the gospel

.                     going to the gentiles?

V47          *Would it bother the Jews to have Isiah 49:6 quoted to them

.                     like this?

V48          *Was it joyful for these gentiles to be saved and Spirit filled?

.                *What is meant by appointed to eternal life?

V49          *Was it gentiles being saved throughout the region?

.                *Were Paul and Barnabas run out of Dodge?

V50           *Why did forcing the preachers out of Dodge involve stirring up the

.                     devout and prominent women?

.                 *When told the preaching would now go to the gentiles did it

.                     cause the Jews to relax and say good?

V48,50     *What was the difference in reaction between the Jews and gentiles?

V51           *How significant is shaking off the dust (Mt10:14,15 / Mk6:11)?

V52           *Is this referring to the new believers?

Acts 13: 13-41
Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Acts 13: 13-41

John Mark returned to Jerusalem while Paul and others went on to Antioch

in Pisidia. They went to the synagogue on the Sabbath. The rulers of the

synagogue offered to let Paul speak. Paul took the opportunity to talk about

the history of the Jewish people. He then finished by telling about Jesus and

how salvation was provided by Him.


V 13       *Under what circumstances did John Mark leave (Acts 15: 37-39)?

.              *Is this the Mark that wrote Mark?

.              *Does 2 Tim 4:11 help us understand the rest of Mark’s story?

.              *When we fail how does God handle it?

V14        After success with Sergius Paulus why didn’t Paul and Barnabas go

.                   to the Roman leadership here?

.              *Could it be that going first to the synagogue Paul and Barnabas

.                   were following God’s direction to go first to the Jews then to

.                   the rest of the world?

V15        *It was normal at the synagogue to ask visitors to speak. Wasn’t

.                    this exactly what Paul was there for?

V16-41  *How does this compare with Stephen’s sermon in Acts 7: 1-53?

.              *How does this compare with Peter’s sermon in Acts2:14-39?

.              *Why is it important to preach (witness) about the death and

.                   resurrection of Jesus?

.              *Do people prefer to hear about the baby Jesus?

V27,29  *Is Paul telling them that they are not understanding the prophets?

V27        *What if the Jewish leaders had realized who Jesus is?

V33        *Is this passage in Psalm 2 about the birth or resurrection of Jesus?

V34        *Is this a quote from Isiah 55:3?

V35        *Is this a quote from Psalm 16:10?

V34-39 *Why is the corruption of David and the lack of corruption of Jesus

.                  important?

V36-39 *Has Paul raped this up into a salvation message?

V40,41 *Is this quote from Habakkuk 1:5 a warning to accept salvation?