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Saturday, March 31st, 2018


Isiah 25:8, 26:19 & 1 Corinthians 15:54-57, Daniel 12: 2,3

* How does Jesus’ resurrection make a difference for us?


Job 19: 25-27

*Was Job looking for resurrection?

*Did Job think resurrection would be an improvement?


Psalm 16: 8-11

*What does David mean when he says “My flesh will rest

in hope.”

*What is Sheol?

*Who is “Your Holy One”?


Psalm 17: 13-15

*Does this address the trials of Gods people and the

difference between the rewards of the Saints vs aint’s


Matthew 27: 63-66

*How does the account of the soldiers role prove the


*Why is the seal important?


Mark 16: 4 & John 20: 1

*How could the stone have been moved?


John 20:3-8

*Could the shroud have been left as it was if Jesus’ body

was stolen?


John 20: 20 & 27

*How were the scars evidence of Jesus’ resurrection?


1 Corinthians 15

*How does Paul explain the resurrection to doubting



Would the Disciples die spreading the gospel if the resurrection

was a hoax?

Acts 14: 19-28
Sunday, March 25th, 2018

Acts 14: 19-28

Jews from Antioch and Iconium followed Paul and Barnabas to Lystra. The

people in that area were convinced by the Jews to stone Paul. Paul was

dragged from the city and left for dead. The disciples gathered around Paul.

He was able to get up, and the next day travel to Derbe. Paul and Barnabas

preached there. Next they retraced their journey appointing elders and

preaching. Returning to Antioch Paul and Barnabas reported to the Church

about the success witnessing to the gentiles.


V19              *Why were the Jews so hot on Paul’s heals?

.                    *How did the Jews convince these people who had just wanted

.                          to worship Paul and Barnabas to turn against them?

.                    *Can Americans be that fickle?

.                    *Looking at 2Cor 12: 2-4 is it possible Paul was dead?

.                    *Does Galatians 6: 7 give any hint as to why God allowed Paul to

.                          experience stoning?

V20              *Dead or not how could Paul travel the very next day?

V21,22        *Noticing the success here at Derbe, had the Jews stopped

.                           following?

.                    *Derbe is the furthest point on this trip so what must the people

.                           in Lystra have thought when Paul strolled back in?

.                    *Do we see any indication Paul was afraid?

.                    *Should we consider fear in ourselves a lack of faith?

.                    *Does this follow up through Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch indicate

.                           that Paul and Barnabas were successful in those places?

.                    *How does tribulation and suffering fit into the Christian walk?

V23              *Why, after having so much trouble with the Jewish leaders, did

.                           Paul and Barnabas appoint Church leaders?

V24-26        *After setting up leadership, why did they preach their way out of

.                           the mission field?

V27,28        *How is this the logical conclusion of Acts 13: 1-3?

Acts 14: 8-18
Sunday, March 25th, 2018

Acts 14: 8-18

Paul and Barnabas went to Lystra. They met a man who had

never been able to walk. Paul saw the man had faith. Paul told

the man to stand. The man jumped to his feet and walked. The

people assumed Paul and Barnabas were gods. The people tried

to worship Paul and Barnabas. Alarmed, they tried to convince

the people that they were only human also.


V8-10     *Did Paul and Barnabas start street preaching in

.                    Lystra because there was no synagogue?

*Were these sign gifts a way for God to show that

.                     the apostles were from Him?

.               *Does the Bible now indicate who is of God?

V11         *Did the man leaping up and walking get the

.                     people’s attention?

.               *Who did the people focus on?

.               *Who did Paul and Barnabas want the people to

.                     focus on?

.               *Did a language barrier keep Paul and Barnabas from

.                    realizing what was occurring with the people?

V12,13   *Is there a danger in the Church of having our

.                     focus in the wrong place?

.               *Does the world ever treat entertainers, politicians,

.                     or other heroes as gods?

V14-16   *How alarmed were Paul and Barnabas?

.               *Did the Pharisees have issues with wanting to be

.                   more highly esteemed than was right?

.               *Is this something we struggle with also?

V15-17   *Are Paul and Barnabas trying to turn the people’s

.                     attention in the proper direction?

.               *How can we keep our attention properly on Jesus?

Acts:14 1-7
Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Acts 14:1-7

After Paul and Barnabas left Antioch they went deeper into Asia Minor.

In Iconium they went to the synagogue and preached. Many Jews and

Greeks believed. The unbelieving Jews stirred up trouble. Because of the

opposition Paul and Barnabas preached boldly. The Lord granted signs

and wonders. There was great division in the city. When things turned

violent Paul and Barnabas left and went to the area of Lycaonia.


V1         *Does this show the gospel reaching deep into Asia Minor?

.             *Did God use the people in Antioch (Acts13:50) to spread the

.                   Gospel deeper into Asia Minor?

.             *Does the work look successful?

.             *Is it a change here to see both the Jews and Gentiles being

.                    saved together?

V2         *Does this look like anti-witnessing?

.             *Why are the Jews trying so hard to influence the Gentiles?

V3         *So did Paul and Barnabas quickly run to a new place?

.             *Can opposition and conflict be an indication of success?

.             *How did God have their backs?

V4         *Can division be a good thing?

.             *Is it better that some go to Heaven instead of all to Hell?

V5,6      *Why was it now time to get out of Dodge?

V5-7      *Was this a retreat or an advance?

.             *If we have a close relationship with the Lord does he clearly

.                  lead us where He needs us?