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Acts 15:22-41
Sunday, April 29th, 2018

Acts 15: 22-41

The Council agreed on a letter to send to the Christians in Antioch.

The letter was sent with several leading men of the brethren. The

letter explained that the ones who taught circumcision were not

teaching correct doctrine. The gentile believers were asked to abstain

from things that would be offensive to Jewish believers and sexual

impurity. The gentile believers rejoiced over this encouragement. The

Apostles remained in Antioch for awhile.

Paul and Barnabas discussed going back to areas they had already

preached. They disagreed strongly on taking Mark along. As a result

Paul and Barnabas went separate ways.


V22           *Why was a delegation sent?

V23           *In this opening statement do we see use of authority or a

.                      brotherly greeting?

V24           *How does this sort out the authority of the teachers who

.                      raised the issue of circumcision?

V25,27     *Does this make clear the authority given to this delegation?

.                 *Would it have been suspect if only Paul and Barnabas had

.                      carried this letter?

V28           *Is the Holy Spirit actively working in the Church?

V28,29     *Except for fornication aren’t these things more courteous?

.                 *Why did these activities need to be mentioned?

.                 *What does it mean not to be a stumbling block?

V30,31     *How was this letter an encouragement?

.                 *How does the Law condemn and the Gospel comfort?

V32,33     *Did Judas do anything to strengthen the bond of the  Jewish

.                     and gentile branches of the Church?

V34           *Why would Silas stay after being sent back?

V34,35     *Did these three men become interim pastors?

V36           *Is it reasonable that Paul and Barnabas cover the same area

.                     where they have already gone?

V37-41     *Why is there an issue?

.                 *What differences do we see here in the perspectives of Paul

.                     and Barnabas?

.                 *How does this disagreement affect the Church?

.                 *Does this disagreement affect the relationship between Paul

.                      and Barnabas?

.                 *Why do Christians sometimes disagree?


Acts 15: 1-21
Sunday, April 15th, 2018

Acts 15: 1-21

Men came from Judea teaching a need for circumcision. Paul and Barnabas

disputed this teaching. A group went to Jerusalem to bring the issue to the

apostles and elders. After a lot of dispute Peter spoke up. Peter talked of how

the gentiles were being saved just like the Jews. It was agreed that salvation

was by grace and not by observance of Jewish law. The gentiles were told not

to do things that would be an offence to the Jewish believers. They were not

required to be circumcised.


V1           *Is this a question about circumcision?

V2           *What is meant by “no small discussion”?

.               *How are these men from Judea different from the liberal

.                   theologians of today?

.               *Who thought a group should go to Jerusalem?

V3,4        *Was the report to the Church in Jerusalem similar to the

.                    report given to the Church in Antioch?

*Did the gentiles saved on the mission trip know about  Jewish

.                    religious law?

.                *If they didn’t know Jewish religious law how were they saved?

V5            *Were the ones insisting the gentiles be circumcised Christians?

.                *Why were they insisting on observing the law?

V6-11      *Did Peter boil down this contentious issue to simple reasoning?

.                *In Acts 10:44-11:18 had Peter witnessed the same issue?

V8,9         *Did God know the hearts of the gentiles because they observed

.                    the Jewish law?

V10          *Is Peter referring to the law as a yoke?

.                *Would the Jewish believers have trouble with the concept that

.                    the law had not been kept by any of the Jews?

V11          *Is this a nice way to say that they are saved the same way as Jews?

V12          *How exciting must it have been for the early Church to see the

.                    transition into the age of grace?

V13,14    *What does it mean to “take out of them a people for his name”?

V15-19    *How does this quote from Amos 9:11,12 address the issue of

.                    salvation without observance of Jewish law?

V20          * Are these issues related to salvation or not offending Jewish

.                    brothers?

V21          *How hard would it be for the Jewish believers to turn from the

.                    law of Moses taught to them in the most solemn and respectful

.                    way for thousands of years?