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Acts 16: 6-10
Sunday, June 24th, 2018

Acts 16: 6-10

Paul and those with him were forbidden by the Holy Spirit from

going south or north to preach. The Holy Spirit used a vision to send

the men west into Macedonia instead. They immediately went.


V6,7       *If God wants the Gospel preached into all the world why

.                   would the Holy Spirit stop Paul and Timothy from going

.                   south to Asia or north to Bithynia?

V8          *Why didn’t Paul and the others seem to know Gods will?

.              *Is there a difference between knowing God’s will and being

.                   led by the Spirit?

.              *Should we expect to know God’s will?

V9          *Could it be that someone in Macedonia was praying to God,

.                   seeking Him?

.              *How important to us that the Holy Spirit directed Paul and

.                    the others west to Macedonia?

V10        *If only Paul saw the vision why did the others also consider

.                    it the Holy Spirit leading them?

.               *How important is the word immediately?

.               *Do we ever tell the Holy Spirit to wait, we will do it later?

Acts 16:1-5
Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Acts 16: 1-5

Paul came to Derbe and Lystra. Timothy was there. Timothy

was the son of a Jewish mother and Greek father. The brethren

thought highly of Timothy. Paul wanted Timothy to accompany

him on this mission trip. Paul had Timothy circumcised because

the Jews in the area knew his  father was Greek. They went

through the cities delivering the decrees from Jerusalem.

The Church became stronger in faith and there were more



V1-4        *Did Paul know Timothy’s family?

.               *What reputation did Timothy have?

.               *Any ideas why he may have had this reputation?

.               *Could the reputation have had a bearing on Paul’s

.                    wanting him along?

.               *Why did Timothy get circumcised when Silas had not?

.               *What decrees did they deliver?

V5           *What caused the Churches to be strengthened?

.               *Why is an increase in numbers mentioned along with

.                    being strengthened?

.               *Can the spiritual strength  of an Assembly be judged by

.                    how the number of attendees is changing?

The Cross
Saturday, June 9th, 2018


As it is written in the Gospel of John over 2000 years ago the Lord put on human flesh and came down to earth to live with His creation as one of us. This was to fulfill a promise He made from the beginning after the fall of man. Jesus walked the earth as a simple Jewish carpenter and taught a small group of men how to change the world. After 3 years of ministry He was crucified and then resurrected to glory with a promise to return again to finish what was started so long ago.

1. Why did Jesus go to the cross?

2. Who killed Jesus?

3. What was the significance of crucifixion as the method of execution for Jesus?

4. Does God pardon sin?

5. What is redemption?

6. Are we all guilty as charged by God?

7. How does God’s redemption show His unconditional love for his people?

8. Knowing this truth what should we daily do?