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Acts 16:16-24
Monday, July 30th, 2018

Acts 16: 16-24

A slave girl began following Paul and Silas. She was possessed by a spirit

and extremely profitable for her masters. As she followed she was loudly

declaring that Paul and the others are servants of the Most High God

proclaiming the way of salvation. After many days Paul cast the spirit out

in the name of Jesus. The girl’s masters realizing they had lost this source

of profit seized Paul and Silas taking them to the authorities. The authorities

and crowd were angry so Paul and Silas were beaten and imprisoned.


V16          *What is the modern view of evil spirit possession?

.                *Is possession by evil spirits common today?

.                *What can cause possession?

.                *How would this slave girl be profitable to her master?

V17,18    *If Satan was the master of this spirit why would he cause

.                     or allow this girl to do what she was doing?

.                *Why did she call God the Most High God?

V18          *Why would Paul be annoyed by her witnessing?

.                *Do we have any indication of what happened to the girl

.                      after the spirit left?

V19          *Did the girl’s masters consider their property damaged?

.                *Were the girl’s masters present when the demon was

.                      cast out?

.                *Could it be that the girl was making money from the crowd

.                      following Paul and Silas?

V19,20    *Was the reaction of the girls masters understandable?

V20,21    *How upsetting to the Romans was it that Paul and Silas were

.                      trying to turn the people away from the status quo idol

.                      worship?

V22          *Did Satan have a hand in the crowd’s reaction?

V22,23    *Why beat them as well as jail them?

V24          *Why such a high level of security?

Acts 16: 11-15
Sunday, July 29th, 2018

Acts 16:11-15

Paul and the others traveled into Europe. Their first city visited

was Philippi. On the Sabbath Paul and the others met with a

women’s prayer group at the river. God opened Lydia’s heart to

Paul’s message. She and her household were baptized. Lydia

offered a place for Paul and the others to stay.


V11-13     *Why didn’t Paul and his group go to the synagogues

.                     preaching like they did in Acts 13:5?

.                 *Why not go to a temple where Idols are worshiped

.                      to preach?

V13          *Could there be a connection between this prayer

.                     meeting and Paul’s vision in verse 9?

.                 *Is it odd that only women were meeting there on the

.                     Sabbath?

V14           *Could Lydia have been the man in the vision Paul had?

.                 *Does moving to that area, operating a business,

.                     and attending a prayer group tell us anything about

.                     Lydia?

.                 *How important is it that The Lord opened her heart?

.                 *Does this show us anything about God’s role in our

.                     witnessing?

V15           *Does this indicate that everyone living with her was

.                      saved?

.                 *Do Paul and the others now have a base of operations?

.                 *If God calls us to do something will He supply what we

.                     need to accomplish it?

Steps to Spiritual Growth 2 Peter 1:3-15
Saturday, July 21st, 2018


By His divine power God has granted us eternal life through His Son Jesus. By increasing our knowledge of Him as Peter writes we are able in increasing steps to become closer to His divine nature. In other words become more like Him. In this way we are able to escape the sinful corruption of this world. In this second letter Peter, in the first chapter describes a stair step way to spiritual maturity. We as believers should strive to incorporate these steps in our daily lives.

1. How do we gain knowledge about God?

2 What are some of His promises?

3. Why is faith the first step in Peter’s list

4. What is virtue

5. Why does knowledge come after faith and virtue?

6. How can we exhibit self-control and why is it important in our Christian life?

7. What does it mean to be steadfast?

8. How can we exhibit godliness?

9. What is the difference between brotherly affection and love?

10. What kind of love is on the top of the list?

11. Why is love the final step to spiritual maturity?

12. What can we do to increase these things in our lives?

13. How does Peter feel about those Christians who do not exhibit these qualities?

14. Why did Peter write these words?

The Whole Armor of God – Ephesians 6:10-20
Friday, July 13th, 2018



In the concluding chapter of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians he encourages believers to use the teachings and elements of the Christian walk like a soldier’s armor to protect us against the dangers posed by Satan and his demons. Each element corresponds to a piece of armor that has in part the tools needed daily by a disciple of Christ. We as saved children of God are part of a mighty army to reach the world with the gospel message.

1. What does it mean to be strong in the Lord?

2. Describe some of the schemes of the devil.

3. Who is our warfare against?

4. Is our battle offensive or defensive?

5. What is the belt used for in the armor and why does it correspond to truth?

6. How can righteousness protect?

7. What is the gospel of peace?

8. How is faith an important part of the armor?

9. Why is salvation a helmet?

10. How is God’s Word like a sword?

11. Does this armor ever come off?

12. What activity does Paul describe while in the armor?


13. What is Paul’s purpose for wearing the armor?