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Acts 16:25-34
Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

Acts 16: 25-34

At midnight the other prisoners were listening to Paul and Silas praying

and singing hymns. Suddenly an earthquake shook the prison hard. The

prison doors flew open and all the prisoners chains fell off. The jailer woke

up thinking everyone had escaped. The jailer was ready to kill himself

because of it. Paul stopped him because everyone was still there. The jailer

and his entire household was saved.


V25          *What must the other prisoners have thought about Paul and

.                      Silas?

.                *Why does God want us to know the other prisoners were

.                      listening?

.                *Was the jailer listening?

V26          *How did the chains fall off and doors open without the prison

.                     falling on them?

V27          *Could there be a more shocking way to wake up?

.                *Would any reasonable jailer come to the same conclusion this

.                      one did?

.                *Why was the jailer going to kill himself?

.                *Is it a surprise that none of the prisoners ran?

V29,30    *Could it be that the situation caused the jailer to contemplate

.                      eternity?

.                *Faced with eternity did he understand he needed a Savior?

.                *Was this trembling jailer ready to hear the gospel?

V26-31    *What is the role of the Holy Spirit, and our role, in bringing a

.                       person to salvation?

.                *Could it be that some of the other prisoners were also saved?

V30          *Was the jailer expecting a works salvation answer?

V31          *The jailer had to believe to be saved, but does this indicate the

.                       family could be saved without believing?

V32          *What would the family’s reaction be when first awakened at

.                        this crazy hour?

.                *How did the first reaction change?

V33          *Is it possible the jailer was the one ordered to put the stripes on

.                        Paul and Silas?

V33,34    *Is this an example of how salvation changes a person?