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Acts 16: 35-40
Sunday, September 30th, 2018

Acts 16: 35-40

When day came the Magistrates sent officers to let Paul

and Silas go free. When the Jailer told them they could

leave Paul and Silas refused. At Paul’s insistence the

Magistrates had to come and ask them to please leave.

Paul and Silas went to Lydia’s house, encouraged the

brethren, and left town.



V35,36    *Why did the Magistrates have a change of heart

.                     when day came?

.                *Were the Magistrates worried about what they

.                      had done?

.                *How would the jailer have felt being told to let

.                      Paul and Silas go?

V37           *How would the jailer feel when Paul and Silas

.                      wouldn’t leave?

.                 *Do we know of anyone who wouldn’t leave jail

.                       when let go?

.                 *What purpose did God have in this situation?

V38-39     *How has the attitude of the Magistrates changed,

.                        and why?

.                 *Would this new attitude be helpful for the new

.                        believers?

V40           *What was the purpose of the encouragement?

.                 *Now that they were out why didn’t they stay in

.                        town and preach?

Paul’s Thorn in His Flesh 2 Cor. 12:1-10
Saturday, September 29th, 2018


In Paul’s second letter to the church in Corinth he was forced to defend his apostleship to the believers in the city. The church was full of false apostles teaching the people incorrectly and corrupting the gospel message that Paul brought to them earlier in his ministry. Against his better judgement he had to boast to counter the lies of the false teachers. While defending himself he brought up an incident that occurred to him fourteen years earlier. The Lord brought him to heaven and revealed to him truths that he could not express with earthly words. Because of this revelation Paul was given a “thorn” by God to keep him humble and in the right mind to do God’s work. He prayed three times for the Lord to remove the trouble but was unsuccessful. God wanted him to have this “thorn” to help him remember his place and mission for the Lord. Paul resigned himself to the trouble and used it to further his work for Christ.

1. What is wrong with boasting?

2. Why did Paul speak of visions and revelations?

3. What were the false apostles at Corinth teaching?

4. Where was Paul fourteen years ago from when he wrote this letter?

5. Why does Paul refer to himself in the third person?

6. What do you think was revealed to Paul while he was in heaven?

7. Why was Paul given a “thorn”?

8. What do you think the “thorn” was?

9. Can you describe some thorns we have today?

10. What is a messenger of Satan?

11. Why did the Lord want Paul weak?

12. How can we also be weak?

13. What did Paul learn from his “thorn”?