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Acts 17: 5-15
Sunday, October 21st, 2018

Acts 17: 5-15

The Jews who were not persuaded by Paul’s teaching stirred up

a bad crowd from the marketplace. The city got in an uproar. The

mob went to Jason’s house looking for Paul and Silas. When they

weren’t found Jason was taken to the rulers. He was accused of

harboring Paul and Silas. Paul and Silas were sent to Berea by the

believers during the night. The people in Berea were more

receptive to Paul’s teaching. They studied the Scripture to check

on Paul’s words. Many believed. The Jews in Thessalonica came

and stirred up crowds. Paul got out of town.


V5          *Why did the unpersuaded Jews get so upset?

.             *Why would the unbelieving Jews align with this group?

.             *Does it make sense for the unbelieving Jews to stir up

.                   a mob?

V6         *Had the world been turned upside down?

V5,6     *What if Paul and Silas had been there?

V6,7     *How serious was it to say that there was another king

.                  besides Caesar?

V7         *Was it reasonable to charge that they were saying Jesus

.                  is another king?

V8         *How troubling would this charge be?

V9         *What did they take from Jason and why?

V10       *Why sneak Paul and Silas out at night?

.             *Did being chased out of town crimp their style?

.             *Are we so tenacious in our witnessing, why or why not?

V11       *How different was the attitude in Berea?

.             *How should we be like the people in Berea?

V12       *Why did so many believe?

V13       *Did the news from Berea spread?

.             *How upset must the crowd in Thessalonica have been?

V14       *Why did Paul need to leave, while the others could stay?

V15       Does it mater that Athens was a center of philosophy?

Acts 17: 1-4
Sunday, October 21st, 2018


Acts 17: 1-4

Paul and Silas passed through two towns and arrived at

Thessalonica. They located a synagogue. Paul reasoned

from the Scriptures with those in attendance for three

Sabbaths. Many devout Greeks and women joined Paul

and Silas.


V1         *Why didn’t they stop at Amphipolis or Apollonia?

.             *Realizing that Thessalonica was a hub of travel in

.                   that part of  the world, can we see why Paul and

.                   Silas went there?

.              *Was the synagogue a factor in their ministry?

.              *Why as a missionary to the Gentiles would they

.                    start in a Jewish synagogue?

V2          *What is meant by “reasoned with them from the

.                   Scriptures?

V2,3       *How could Paul teach enough in 3 Sabbaths to

.                    convert a group of Jews and start a Church?

.               *What is the main point of Paul’s message?

.               *Do we tend to focus more on Jesus’ death than

.                     His resurrection?

V4           *Was Paul discouraged because only some believed?

.               *Were these Greeks and women attending the

.                      synagogue?

.               *Does it sound as if Paul’s preaching was more

.                       successful with the Greeks and women?