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Acts 17: 22-34
Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

Acts 17: 22-34

Paul spoke to the men of Athens about the alter to the unknown God.

Paul explained that the unknown God was the Lord and creator of heaven

and earth. He explained that they were all God’s offspring. Paul told them

that now that God had revealed Himself there would be a judgement.

Some believed.


V22        *Is the Areopagus a formal place for public speaking?

.              *Was Paul suggesting that it was good or bad that the Men of Athens

.                   were so religious?

.              *What is the difference between religion and faith?

.              *Would it be easier for some to find Jesus if they were  less religious?

.              *Why didn’t Paul go to the synagogue to start his preaching in Athens?

V23        *Could the alter to the “unknown god” be there so people visiting

.                    would be included no matter what god they worship?

.               *Is it possible the people of Athens understood that a true

.                    God existed whom they didn’t know?

.               *How did Paul use this altar to begin preaching?

.               *Would it be hard to tell a philosopher he didn’t know something?

V24         *Does it make sense that God the creator would live in a temple built by

.                   man (1 Kings 8:27)?

V25        *What does God need from man?

V26        *What does “one blood” refer to?

.              *What is meant by preappointed times?

.              *What is meant by preappointed boundaries?

V27        *Does groping for God have anything to do with darkness or blindness?

.              *Is it an important point that God is not far from us?

V28        *What is meant by in Him we live, move and have our being?

.              *Is there a difference between offspring and sons of God?

V29        *Why shouldn’t we think the Divine Nature is like gold, silver or stone?

V30        *What did God overlook and why?

V30,31  *Why will there be judgement?

.              *Who will be the judge?

.              *What is the proof?

V32        *What were the reactions and why?

V32-34  *What is the difference between wanting to hear more and believing

Acts 17:16-21
Sunday, November 4th, 2018

Acts 17: 16-21

While Paul waited for Silas and Timothy to come he became upset.

The city was worshiping idols. Paul reasoned with people in the

Synagogue and in the market place. The people, philosophers, and

foreigners  in the city spent their time discussing new things. They

brought Paul to the Areopagus so he could speak to them.



V16          *Is our town full of idols?

.                *Does it provoke us to see idols worshiped?

.                *Could the culture of Athens have been an idol as well

.                       as the ones built by craftsmen?

.                *Can the advanced level of cultural thought make the

.                       people more susceptible to accepting so many idols?

.                *Is it possible that our “advanced” culture and wisdom

.                       can trap us into false trust?

V17          *Is it a pattern for Paul to preach in the synagogue?

.                *Would it be safe to assume that Paul was reasoning with

.                        customers for his tents?

.                *Does it look as if Paul was charging into the temples,

.                        turning over tables?

V18          *Could the conversations Paul had, with the Epicurean and

.                        Stoic philosophers, been fascinating considering the

.                        Epicureans believed a person should give the flesh

.                         everything it desires while the Stoics thought the body

.                         needed to be controlled?

.                 *Does believing Jesus rose from the dead fly in the face of

.                         scholarly or philosophic thought?

.                 *Did the scholarly mindset cause them to be interested in

.                         crazy Paul’s faith?

V19-21     *Would these intellectuals find it easy to accept what Paul

.                         was telling them?

.                 *Is it easy for people who know something to understand

.                         an explanation?