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Luke 21:5-38
Saturday, November 21st, 2015

Luke 21: 5-38

   The disciples were commenting about the adornment of the

temple. Jesus told about it’s complete destruction to come.

The disciples wanted to know when it would occur and what

to look for.

   Jesus warned them to not be deceived. Do not follow those

claiming to be Him. They will also claim that the time is near.

Don’t follow them. Jesus warned of wars, earthquakes, famines,

plagues, fearful events, and signs from heaven. Before these

things there will be persecution, betrayal, and death for some.

Don’t worry, Jesus will give wisdom. Stand firm, gain life.

When Jerusalem is surrounded by armies it’s desolation is near.

Let those in Judea flee. There will be great distress. Jerusalem

will be trampled by the gentiles until the time of the gentiles is


   There will be signs, anguish, and perplexity. Men will faint with

terror. Heavenly bodies will be shaken. The Son of Man will return

in a cloud with power and great glory. Your redemption is near.

Jesus gave an example of the signs in a fig tree. This generation

will not pass away until this has happened. Heaven and earth will

pass away but not Jesus words.

   Be careful, always watch, and pray to escape to stand before the

Son of Man.

                           (Mt 24:1-44 &  Mk 13: 1-31)


V5,6     *Does this relate to verse 1-4?

.            *Was Jesus impressed with this wealth?

.            *In 70AD the temple was looted by the Romans. Is Jesus

.                talking about more than this?

V7,8     *When they come in His name are they from Jesus?

.            *Why is the question followed by a warning?

.            *Are bad times good for false christ’s and false religion?

.            *What about good times?

.            *How do we know who to follow?

V9,10   *Why would wars be an indication of the times?

.             *How does I Thess:5:3 relate?

V11       *Are we seeing examples of this?

.             *What could the signs from heaven be?

V12-19 *Should we count the cost of following Jesus?

.             *Is this about the persecution of the Jewish Christians

.                 after Jesus resurrection?

.             *Could this be about the 144,000 Jewish Christians during

.                  the tribulation?

.             *Could this be referring to us as Christians?

.             *Is this related to John 15: 18,19?

V14,15 *How does this show God’s ability to use us?

V16,17 *Can we imagine the universal hatred of Christians

.                described here?

V13       *Does this seem like a hard way to be able to witness?

.             *Is a greater witness possible because of these

.                   circumstances?

V20       *This occurred 70AD. Will it happen again?

V21-23 *During the 70AD siege of Jerusalem mothers ate their own

.                  children, many people died, bodies were thrown over

.                  the wall. Those not fleeing died or were sold as slaves.

.                  Could this be a look ahead to Jerusalem during the

.                  tribulation?

V24       *From 70AD has Jerusalem been continually trampled by

.                  the gentiles?

.              *When will the time of the gentiles be fulfilled?

V25        *Do we know what these signs are going to be?

V26        *Are men fainting from terror yet?

V27        *What is the difference between Jesus as Savior and Jesus

.                   coming in a cloud with power and great glory?

V28        *How important is salvation when facing these events?

.              *Will the contrast between the saved and unsaved be

.                    aparant?

V29-31  *Could the fig tree represent how Israel is the clock

.                   indicating the time of world events?

V32         *Could this generation be the people Jesus was talking to

.                    at that time?

.               *Could it be the generation of the race of Israel?

.               *Could Jesus have been referring to the generation alive

.                    when these final events start?

V33-35    *Is the key to being careful to be in Gods will?

V36          *What makes us able to escape and stand?

V37,38    *Does this sound like a receptive group?

Luke 20: 41-47
Saturday, November 21st, 2015

Luke 20: 41-47

   Jesus continued by asking how can they call Christ

the son of David when David called Him Lord?

   In front of the people Jesus warned His disciples

about the Pharisees. Jesus said that they like to dress

up and be greeted as big shots. They enjoy the most

important seats and places of honor. They take

advantage of widows and show off by making lengthy

prayers. Men like these will be punished most severely.

               (Mt 22: 41- 23: 14)(Mk 12:35-40)


V41        *The religious leaders of that time referred to

.                  the Messiah as the son of David. Does that

.                  indicate that they expected the Messiah to

.                  be only a man in the line of King David?

V42-44  *The teachers believed Psalm 101 referring to

.                  the Messiah. But in their culture they couldn’t

.                  imagine a man calling his great – great –

.                  great – great grandson Lord. Why did Jesus ask

.                  the question this way?

.               *Does Luke 1: 26-35 Explain the question?

.               *How important to our faith is the virgin birth?

V45-47   *Was Jesus primarily warning His disciples, the

.                   people listening, or the teachers?

.               *What’s wrong with these things?

.               *How do these verses tie in with the rest of

.                   chapter 20?

.                *Is this warning valid today?

Luke 20:27-40
Saturday, November 21st, 2015

Luke 20: 27-40

   Sadducees not believing in a resurrection asked Jesus

a question. Suppose a woman marries seven brothers

after each previous one has died. When she dies who’s

wife would she be at the resurrection?

   Jesus explained that in the resurrection there would

be no marriage. Those resurrected are Gods children.

Jesus explained that God is the God of Abraham Isaac

and Jacob the living. Some of the teachers congratulated

Jesus and none dared to ask more questions.

                (Mt 22: 23-32)(Mk 12:18-27)


V27       *How important is the resurrection to our faith?

V28       *Are they referring to Deuteronomy 25:5-6 and

.                 Ruth 3:9,12,13 & 4: 1-12?

V28-33 *Was this an honest question?

.             *Is complication an enemy of simple child like

.                 faith?

V33       *Sadducees did not believe in resurrection so

.                 why would they ask this question?

.             *Is there reason for us to be wary of Sadducee

.                 type non-belief in religious circles?

V34-36 *What are some differences between this life on

.                  earth and the life in Heaven?

V35       *Who is worthy?       

              *Why is marriage not needed in Heaven?

V36       *How is our adoption as children of God

.                 completed at the resurrection?

V37,38  *Why didn’t Jesus say He (was) the God of

.                  Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?

V39,40   *Does “well said” indicate saving faith or

.                  intellectual stimulation?

V27-40  *Is there danger in study of God’s word without

.                  allowing it to change our life?

Luke 20: 20-26
Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Luke 20: 20-26

   The teachers and chief priests closely watched Jesus with

spies in the hope of turning Him in to the government. The

spies asked Jesus if paying taxes to Caesar was right. Jesus

asked them to show Him a coin. He asked the spies who’s

picture was on the coin. They replied Caesar’s. Jesus said to

give to Caesar what is his but to God what is God’s.


V19,20     *How are all these guys hypocrites?

.                 *Why did they feel the need to turn Jesus over to

.                      the governor?

.                 *How could the governor have been upset by this?

.                 *Can Satan look like an angel of light?

.                 *Do non-Christians ever pretend to be saints?

V21,22      *Did they think they could be more effective getting

.                       the answer they wanted by buttering up Jesus?

V22,23       *Why was this question so sneaky?

V24            *Was Jesus broke or was there another reason to ask

.                      the spies to produce a coin?

V25            *Why did the Roman government deserve to receive

.                       taxes from the Jews?

.                  *Did the Roman infrastructure help spread the Gospel?

.                  *What infrastructure does God provide for us?

V26            *How was Jesus able to turn this “gotcha” moment

.                      around?

.                   *Why did the spies become silent?

V25             *How does this verse apply to us?

.                   *What if the government is evil?

Luke 20: 1-19
Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Luke 20: 1-19

   Jesus was teaching and preaching the gospel in the temple

courts. The chief priests, teachers, and elders asked Him by

what authority He was doing things.

   Jesus replied by asking them if John’s baptism was from

heaven or men. Discussing the question between themselves

the religious leaders realized either answer would be bad for

them. They chose to claim they did not know. Jesus told them

He wouldn’t answer there question either.


V1,2  *Did these members of the Sanhedrin plan this as a

.               gotcha question?

.          *Does this tie in with 19: 47,48?

V3      *Are there advantages in answering a question with a

.                question?

V4-6   *Why was the answer Jesus gave such a problem?

V7       *Did they know?

V8       *Did the leaders know the answer to their original

.                 question?


   Jesus continued by telling a parable. A man planted a vineyard

and rented it out to some farmers. The man then went away for

a long time. At harvest time the man sent a servant to collect the

rent. The tenant farmers beat him and sent him away without

paying him the rent. The man sent two others with similar results.

   The man decided to send his son. The tenant farmers killed the

son expecting to get the inheritance. Won’t the man kill these

tenants and give the vineyard to others?

   Everyone who falls on the stone will be broken. Whoever the

stone falls on will be crushed.

   The teachers and chief priests knew Jesus was talking about them.

They were afraid to kill Jesus because of the people.

                     (Matthew 22:23-32 & Mark 12:18-27)


V9          *Who is the man?

.              *Who are the tenant farmers?

.              *With what were the farmers trusted with?

V10-12  *Who were the servants that were sent?

V13        *Who is the son?

V14,15   *What event does this predict?

V15,16   *Will God judge?  

.               *Who are the others?

.               *What were the people who were listening reacting to?

V17,18   *Why does this verse (Psalm 118: 22) describe so well

.                   repentance vs judgement? Who is the corner stone?

V5,6,19  *Why were the teachers and chief priests afraid?