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Acts 5: 12-16
Thursday, December 1st, 2016

Acts 5: 12-16

.  Many signs and wonders were taking place through the apostles. The believers

were on the same page and meeting at Solomon’s portico. Even though they

were highly regarded others were afraid to meet with them. Many more people

became believers.

.  People were bringing the sick into the street so Peter’s shadow would pass

over them. Others were brought from surrounding cities to be healed. People

who were sick or afflicted with unclean spirits were all healed.


V7-12    *Could it be that the signs and wonders were occurring because the

.                 hypocrisy was dealt with so firmly?

.              *Is hypocrisy a problem, and or, a danger in the Church today?

.              *Why doesn’t God deal with hypocrisy the same way now?

V12        *Were all the believers performing signs and wonders?

.              *What is the significance of the Christians being in one accord?

V13        *Does it look as if the rate of conversions slowed down?

.              *Is this respect or something else?

V14        *Is it important that women are mentioned here?

.              *Why is there steady Church growth when fear is present?

V14-15  *Were conversions the result of healings or the other way around?

V15        *Why was Peter moving around town so much?

.              *Does the Bible say people were healed by Peter’s shadow?

V16        *Were the doctors going out of business?

.              *Do any modern faith healers have a 100% cure rate?

.              *Why was God working in such a dramatic way then?



Acts 5: 1-11
Monday, November 14th, 2016

Acts 5: 1-11

Ananias and his wife Sapphira sold some land to donate to the Church.

They decided to keep some of the money for themselves. Ananias put

the partial gift at the apostles feet. Peter confronted him about lying

to the Holy Spirit. When confronted Ananias dropped dead. Everyone

who heard this were very afraid. Some young men carried Ananias’ body

out and buried it.

About three hours later Sapphira came in. She didn’t know what had

happened to her husband. Peter asked her about the price of the land.

She confirmed her husband’s story. Peter exposed her lie, She fell dead.

Her body was carried out and buried next to her husbands.

When the Church heard about this they were very afraid.


V1     *Does this verse relate to Acts 4: 32-37?

V2     *Was it wrong to keep some of the money?

.         *Do people ever donate for selfish reasons?

.         *Is pride a factor?

.         *What is a hypocrite?

V3     *Do we understand we are lying to the Holy Spirit when we are?

.         *Who did Ananias think he was lying to?

.         *Was Satan working here?

.         *Does Satan work in the Church today?

V4     *Was Ananias surprised to hear this?

.         *Do you think he had that “sinking feeling”?

V5     *Why did God kill him?

.         *Did Peter know this was going to happen?

V6      *No funeral?

V7      *What must it have been like for the people who saw her arrive?

.          *Do you think she noticed an odd reaction of the people she saw?

.          *Was she expecting congratulations for the generous donation?

V8-10 *Was Peter expecting the outcome this time?

V8-11 *What differences are there in the Church from this point on?


Acts 4: 32-37
Saturday, November 5th, 2016

Acts 4: 32-37

The believers were as one, sharing everything. There wasn’t a needy

person among them because property was sold and the proceeds used

to help any who had need. A man called Barnabas sold a tract of land

and donated the money.


V32       *Why would they share everything? (1Chron 29: 14-16)

.             *How does love figure into this?

.             *Could it be that they were focused on Heaven not possessions?

.             *Were they totally sold out to Jesus?

.             *Why don’t we share everything?

V33       *Weren’t they warned not to preach this way?

.             *How does this relate to the prayer in verse 23-31?

V34-35 *Why are some Christians needy today?

.             *Why was the money given to the apostles for distribution?

.             *Can we make comparisons to our system of welfare?

V36-37 *Why is Barnabas mentioned separately from the others donating

.                 proceeds of sales?

Philemon Study
Friday, October 28th, 2016



  • Letter of Paul 60-62AD
  • One of the prison epistles
  • Carried by Tychicus to Colossae with Paul’s letter to the Colossians
  • Personal letter to Philemon on behalf of Onesimus, a runaway slave
  • Onesimus – “Useful” – common slave name

Slavery in New Testament times

  • As much as 1/3 world population lived as slaves
  • Becoming a slave
    • Being born to a slave
    • Captured in war
    • Indentured to pay off debt
    • To raise standard of living
      • Extreme poverty
      • Treatment better as property then freeman
  • Slavery lost favor in Roman Empire
    • New Roman tax on slaveholders
    • Slaves freed to become Roman Citizens
      • Natural born citizenship declining
      • Military service
  • Slaves were valuable property
    • Given rights (trials ect…)
    • Landowners
    • Held important jobs – physicians, shop keepers
  • New Testament Scriptures on Slavery
    • Mat. 19:21-35, Mat 10:24-25, Luke 17:7-10, Luke 19:11-27,  Eph. 6:5-9, Col. 3:22-25, Col. 4:1, Phm. 1:16, 

Christian Slavery

  • At conversion we become willing slaves to Jesus Christ. We were purchased by His blood.
  • Acts 20:28, 1 Cor. 6:20, 2Cor 7:22-25, Rev 5:9

Paul’s intervention for Onesimus

  • Not proper – family matter – but proper in Christ v. 8-9
  • Appealed out of love for Onesimus v.10, 12, 16
  • Confident in a favorable decision v. 21
  • Pointed out debt of eternal life to Philemon v. 19
  • Paul offered to pay Onesimus debt v. 19
  • Wished Onesimus be accepted into the Colossian church v. 16
  • Paul believed he would visit his friends in Colossae again v. 22

Acts 4: 23-31
Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Acts 4:23-31

Peter and John were released and returned to their own people.

They reported what had been said while being held. The people

began to pray. They praised God for what He had done and how

the leaders and nonbelieving people were ineffective when opposing

God. The prayer also asked for boldness speaking Gods word and for

miracles in the name of Jesus. After they prayed the place was shaken

and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. They spoke the word of

God boldly.


V23          *Is it likely that the believers were already praying for

.                     Peter and John?

V18-23    *How afraid were Peter, John and the others of the rulers?

V23-30    *When did the believers ask for protection from the

.                     persecution?

.                *Is it possible that everyone waited their turn to pray in a

.                     dignified way?

.                 *Can we get an indication of the spiritual condition of the

.                      early Church from this prayer?

.                 *Can we get an indication of our own spiritual condition

.                       from our prayers?

.                 *How is this different from our prayers?

V30           *How bold is this prayer and what boldness will it lead to?

V25-26     *Why is Psalm 2 quoted here in the prayer?

.                 *Has Psalm 2 been fulfilled yet?

V27-29     *Does this show us that the believers understood the

.                       spiritual warfare going on around us?

V30           *Did they believe God would work powerfully through them?

V31           *Why did God respond this way?