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Luke 4: 1-13
Saturday, December 21st, 2013

Luke 4: 1-13

Overview – Temptation of Jesus

     Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit into the desert. He was there for 40 days. The  devil
took this opportunity to tempt Jesus.  Jesus ate nothing during that time and was
hungry. The devil tried to get Jesus to worship him by tempting  Jesus with food,
authority, and splendor. In Jerusalem the devil tried and failed to tempt Jesus into
performing a miracle as proof of His deity.
V1-13    *What is the difference between temptation and a test?
.             *How does this show the 3 ways we are tempted (Flesh, psychological, & pride)?
V1          * Did Jesus need to be filled with the Holy Spirit to resist the coming temptation?
.              *Can we resist temptation without the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5: 16)?
V2          *Was Jesus tempted for the entire 40 days?
V3          *Would it be selfish for Jesus to use his powers to feed Himself (Matthew 4: 4)?
.              * Is it wrong to steal to keep from starving?
V5-7       *Was this a way for Jesus to bypass the cross?
V6          *How could Satan give Jesus authority over the kingdoms of the world?
.              *Did Jesus need to wear the crown of thorns before the crown of glory?
.              *How do we enter Gods Kingdom (John 3: 3)?
V8          *Is it good to use scripture to resist temptation?
V9-11    *If Satan knows who Jesus is, why ask Him to prove it?
.              *Why did Satan misquote Psalm 91:11,12?
V13        *Did Satan give up the temptation here?
V1-13    *Why was Jesus tempted?

Luke 3: 21-38
Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Luke 3: 21-38


     Luke isn’t telling events in the order they occurred or he would have recorded

the baptism before John the Baptist’s death. In verse 21 & 22 we see a clear demonstration

of the Trinity. The genealogy reported here is different than in Matthew. From the

perspective of the Jewish people Jesus legal  genealogy would be through His earthly

father Joseph. Mary’s line shows us that Jesus was not only fully God but fully man.


V21                       *Why wasn’t Jesus baptized first?

.                             *What could Jesus have been praying about?

.                             *Does heaven being opened tell us anything about prayer?

V21,22                  *How do these verses identify the Trinity?

V23                       *How old was Jesus?

.                             *How old was Joseph when he stood before Pharaoh (Genesis 41:46)?

.                             *How old was David when he started to reign (2 Samuel 5:4)?

.                             *At what age did Levites begin to take care of the most Holy things

.                               (Numbers 4: 3,4)?

.                              *Does the whole bible point to Jesus?

V23-38                  *Why is this genealogy different from Matthew chapter 1?

.                              *In the two genealogy’s, why does Joseph have a different father?

.                              *Why does Luke go all the way to Adam?

.                              *Can we explain Jesus as being fully God and fully man?


Luke 3:1-20
Friday, December 6th, 2013

Luke 3: 1-20
Luke ties this account of John the Baptist in historical perspective by noting
who the rulers were at the time. He stresses repentance illustrated by washing
in water. John is clear that this baptism in water is different than the baptism
with the Holy Spirit and fire that Jesus will bring. In verse 17 we are warned of
judgment. Luke tells us that John preached good news.

V1-3 *What about John the Baptist’s childhood?
V2 *What is meant by the word of God came to John?
. *Shouldn’t John have been a priest instead of being in the wilderness?
V3 *Was John an old or new testament prophet?
. *Why was he preaching repentance?
. * Should we as we witness preach repentance?
. *How do people react when reminded to repent?
V4-6 *Is this referring to Johns ministry or something else?
V7 *How many preachers start a sermon this way?
. *How many assembly’s need to here an intro like this?
V8 *Do we produce fruit in keeping with repentance?
. *Do children of Christians sometimes rely on parents faith?
. *Can a pretend Christian produce good fruit?
. *Can we turn to God without turning from something?
V9 *Is Jesus warning us today?
. *Should we throw some of our religious practices in to the fire?
V10 *Is it a surprise how the crowd responded?
V11-14 *How can we implement this message?
V11 *Why do people who follow Jesus share?
V12-14 *Can we see what a person is like by how he does his job?
. *Why do people who follow Jesus do a good job at work?
V15 *Is it understandable that the people were confused?
V16-18 *Does this make it clear that John isn’t the Christ?
V16 *What is the difference between the three baptisms?
V17 *Who is the wheat/chaff?
. *What is meant by unquenchable fire?
V19,20 *Is it a good idea to tell everyone the sin of the big boss?
. * If we point out sin does it show the need for a savior?

Luke 2:41-52
Monday, October 28th, 2013

Luke 2: 41-52

V41,42       * Was this Jesus twelfth visit to the Passover?

.                   * How does the Passover point to Jesus?

V43             *Why wasn’t it a sin for Jesus to stay behind?

V44             *How could Joseph and Mary not know Jesus was with them?

V45             *Were Joseph and Mary frustrated walking back a whole day?

V46,47       *Were Jesus questions like that of a student or teacher?

V48             *Did Joseph and Mary expect to find a 12 year old boy hanging out

.                     at the temple?

.                   *Why did Mary call Joseph Jesus father?

V49             *Was Jesus calling Joseph His Father?

V40,49,51  *Could Jesus childhood have been preparation for His ministry?

V50              *After the angel’s visit (Luke 1:26-38) why didn’t they understand?

V51              *Was it hard for God to be obedient to imperfect parents?

V52              *How can God grow?

.                    *As Christians how can we grow?

Luke 2: 21-40
Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Luke2: 21-40

V21                  * Why was Jesus circumcised on the 8th day?

V22                  *Notice both Mary and Jesus went through a purification time

.                           according to Mosaic Law. Did Jesus need to be purified?

.                        *If Jesus didn’t need to be purified, why go through the ceremony?

V22-24            *Look at Leviticus 12: 6&8. Why were two birds offered?

V25-27            *What type of relationship must Simeon have with God?

V25                  *How did Simeon become righteous?

.                        *What is the consolation of Israel?

.                        *Did many give up waiting? Have many given up waiting for the

.                          second coming? Do we anticipate Jesus return? Are we ready?

V27                  *The Holy Spirit got Simeon to the right place at the right time. Does

.                           the Holy Spirit do that for us? Do we take advantage of where we are?

V28                 *Simeon took Jesus in his arms. Do we have the joy to embrace Him?

V29-32            *Does it sound as if Simeon’s purpose here was to announce

.                          to the priests and religious leaders who Jesus is?

.                        *Is there any indication the priests were listening?

V29                  *Did Simeon think his purpose was complete?

.                        *Does God have a purpose for us?

V30                  *Could this indicate that salvation is through The Person not works?

V31,32            *Is it a surprise that Simeon saw that salvation is for everyone?

V33                  *Was this to strengthen the faith of Mary and Joseph?

.                        *Why is Joseph called “the child’s father” in some translations?

V35                  *What does “the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed” mean?

.                        *Was Mary’s suffering part of our salvation or a personal thing?

.                        *Should we have sympathy for Jesus regarding his death on the cross?

V36,37            *Why are we told Anna was a prophet and never left the temple?

V37                  *What is the difference between the prayers of Anna and the Pharisees?

V38                  *Did Anna have a purpose for coming up to them at that moment?

.                        *Why did Anna give thanks?

V39,40             *Why did God give us so little information about Jesus growing up?

V40                  *How unusual would it be to raise a child filled with wisdom and grace?

.                        *What was it like for Jesus half siblings to be raised with Him?

.                        *Can we imagine what it must have been like for Joseph and Mary

.                           to raise God?