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Acts 18: 1-17
Saturday, December 22nd, 2018

Acts 18: 1-17

Paul went to Corinth. He stayed with Aquila and Priscilla. While Paul

was with them he worked with them. On the Sabbath he reasoned in

the synagogue. Silas and Timothy arrived and Paul testified Jesus is the

Christ. The Jews opposed him so he shook his garments vowing to go

the gentiles. Paul then stayed with Justus next to the synagogue. The

ruler of the synagogue  and his household believed. Paul preached for

a year and a half. The Jews brought Paul to Gallio for preaching contrary

to the law. Gallio refused to hear the case.


V1          *Since Corinth was known as being a place to go for sensual

.                  pleasure, was Paul worried about what he would encounter

.                  there?

V2          *Was persecution occurring in Rome?

.             *Didn’t the Romans know the difference between Jews and

.                   Christians?

V3          *Is Paul settling in with a job?

V4          *Is Paul using a tried and true way to witness?

.              *Did this time of witnessing get results?

V5          *Did Paul’s message change? Why?

V6          *Was this a change of focus for Paul?

V7          *When Paul moved on why didn’t he leave town?

V8          *When Crispus believed, was this a breakthrough moment?

V9,10    *Corinth being a sinful place not unlike Vegas and Hollywood,

.                  is it surprising that God had many people in the city?

.             *Do we often think of Paul being afraid?

.             *Is it reassuring to us that Paul was a regular guy, subject to

.                  being afraid?

V11       *For this year and a half was Paul preaching to a different

.                  crowd?

V12       *Was this a new governor?

V13       *What law?

V14-16 *Why did Gallio do what he did?

.             *Is this what separation of Church and state should look like in

.                   the USA?

V17       *What happened to Crispus (v8) that Sosthenes is now ruler of

.                   the synagogue?

.             *Why did this beating occur?

.             *What was to become of Sosthenes (1cor1:1)?