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Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

I was thinking of a hated rotten man. During the time when Jesus was walking around Israel some of the most hated people were tax collectors. These guys were hired by the Roman government to collect tax from the people. The people hated the Romans so naturally also hated paying taxes to them. The Romans only cared that the tax collectors turned over tax money. The Romans could care less if a tax collector charged extra and kept the difference. Tax collectors were very rich.

Jesus was passing through Jericho (Luke 19: 1). A crowd gathered along the road to see Jesus. Zacchaeus wanted to see who Jesus was (v3).

Zacchaeus had a problem. He was a short fellow (v3). He was also one of those hated tax collectors. Even worse he was a Chief tax collector (v2).

The crowd was pressed in tight. No one would step aside to let the little twerp through to see. I expect a well placed hip check or elbow put the little vermin in the dirt a few times.

What was a little weak dirt bag to do? What else could he do? Zacchaeus ran ahead of the crowd and scampered up a tree (v4)! Now he was out of the reach of the big guys that wanted to grind him into the dirt. As Christians do we sometimes try and keep people we don’t like away from Jesus? How many real bad people are we nice to?

Along comes Jesus and calls the little slime ball out of the tree (v5)! Did Jesus come all that way to hang out with that heathen?   Add insult to injury Jesus went home with the SINNER (v5)! Do Jesus and Zaccharus care what the crowd thinks (v7)?

This rotten little man welcomed Jesus into his home. Isn’t this what becoming a Christian is? The rotten little vermin became a Christian and it changed his life!

Once his life was changed by Jesus Zacchaeus started doing good stuff (v8). He didn’t do any good stuff to get Jesus to come to his house. Good stuff was the result of Jesus coming to him.

I can’t earn Jesus love by doing good things. Jesus wants to come to my house. How can I avoid doing good after Jesus has changed me. What was not natural becomes so.

Super star
Monday, February 20th, 2012

I was listening to a TV preacher and it got me thinking about Christian super stars. I am no super star and I bet you aren’t either. Does that mean we need to just go to Church and let the pastor do Gods work? After all it’s hard for us average people just to struggle and pay the bills.

In John 2:1-11 we see Jesus performing His first miracle. Now He is the real superstar! Jesus turned water into wine. It wasn’t just wine, it was the best wine!

Look at verse 7 & 8. Jesus told the servants “Fill the jars with water”. That was easy enough even if somewhat odd. Next Jesus told them to take some to the master of the banquet. Now wait a minute! This master had been drinking wine and now these guys are told to bring him water to taste? The water in that part of the world at that time wasn’t even very good. I bet they were embarrassed!

Those guys did what Jesus said to do. They were an unnoticed part of Jesus first miracle. We don’t ever know what God will do with our little insignificant act of obedience.

What About The Young Boy?
Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

I was thinking about the boy in John 6:1-15.

How old was he? Nothing is said about his parents so he could have been in the crowd by himself. Is it possible he was traveling with Jesus? I wonder why he was the only one who had brought food, or did every one start out with food and only he had some left?

At best this boy had enough food for 6 meals but I eat more than that at one sitting at a buffet. Did he even have enough food to get home without being hungry? If I was there would I have given up my last few meals or hidden what little I had under my shirt. What a useless little bit of food, it wouldn’t even put a crumb in each mouth in that crowd. On the face of it the boy could do nothing.

Jesus already knew what He was going to do (v5&6) but no one in the crowd or even his disciples could figure it out. I bet the boy also had no clue. Verse 9 may be the only place in the Bible this lad is mentioned. Even though we know almost nothing about this boy he has a lot to teach me.

Just like the boy I can do nothing worth anything with all the resources at my disposal, but Jesus has a lot of plans coming together. Isn’t it better to give up everything for a small part in something rather than give up something to accomplish nothing?

Did Adam have a belly button?
Saturday, December 18th, 2010

I was thinking, could the first man, Adam, have had a momma? I can’t figure that one because to get pregnant momma would have needed a before man man. Without ever being in the womb why would he need a belly button? What about Eve? (Genesis 1:27)(Genesis 2:22).

I am not a scientist or overly smart but from what I understand about “the theory of evolution” things are thought to change from simple to complex. Would that be from single cells to slime, to marine organisms, to marine creatures, to amphibians, to land critters and birds, to man?

What’s the next step, and where did the very first stuff to make the cells come from? I can’t imagine something coming naturally from nothing. I can’t even imagine nothing. Also from what I have noticed stuff doesn’t get better it deteriorates. Even man who once lived 800-900+ years (Genesis chapter 5) is wore out now at 100 or less.

I can only believe evolution if nothing could evolve to something, so God must have created what exists. To me the word created indicates more than putting together things (Genesis 1:1).

Look at the unnatural way God organized His creation in Genesis chapter 1. Light was created on day one (v3-5) but the sun on day four (v14-19). On day three there were plants bearing seed and trees with fruit (v9-13) but pollination needs bees or birds from day five (v20-23). For this odd order of things to work these days must have been literal 24 hour days.

Another thought about a day being a day is that death didn’t exist before Adam tasted the forbidden fruit (Genesis 2:17) (Genesis 3:19) (Romans 5:12). So if the days were long as some think the first life created would have been billions of years old before Adam could evolve enough to eat it.

Then I started thinking about carbon dating and being able to see the light of stars billions of light years away? Could God create the light already in transit? Can God create with the appearance of age? If God can create something from nothing why not the finished product instead of just the basic elements? When I read “God saw all that He made and it was very good” I see an indication of completeness not something ready to evolve.

So what does this tell me about belly buttons?

Seeing the light from the stars, Realizing that trees and plants were formed with fruit and seeds on them, and understanding that Adam and Eve were never babies. I expect they realized what their belly buttons were for at the birthof their first child.

We were created in Gods image (Genesis 1: 27) so does God have a belly button?

Why a manger?
Saturday, December 26th, 2009

In Luke chapter 2 we are told about the birth of Jesus. I started thinking that it would have been much easier for Mary to have given birth at home with family and friends close by to help. Why did God decide Mary should be away from the comforts of home? Caesar Augustus wanted all his subjects counted in the home town of their ancestors so Mary and Joseph had to take a long hard trip (v 1-3). I guess there was a large number of people from out of town trying to find a vacancy at the local motels so no rooms were available (v7). I don’t know how long Mary and Joseph had to be in town but the time for Jesus to be born came ( v 6) while they were there. Why didn’t anyone have the compassion to help find a safe clean place for a very pregnant young (possibly teenage) girl to have and care for her son?

God could have made the finest best staffed and equipped hospital ever to pop up in downtown Bethlehem for His son to be born in. Or he could have sent angels to carry mom and Son anywhere for the most comfortable and highly honored birth anyone had ever seen. So why did God decide His Son would be born near, or in, a stable and placed in a manger after His birth (v 7)? I can’t answer the question but I wonder if the earthly trappings we honor “important” people with hide the basic truth of who the person really is? Would the purple robes, crowns, and trumpets make it harder for us to understand that God came to us, each of us, wherever we are, in whatever condition to save us from the sin that we are powerless to pull ourselves out of  (John 3:16,17)?